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do you ever get a weird crush on someone that’s not even attractive but you’re just attracted to them and you don’t know why

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do atheists say oh my god

yep.  we say it any time we hear something that’s unbelievable.


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I never tell people off the bat that I’m gay. I wait. I wait until they say some homophobic shit and then I laugh and am like “you know I’m gay right?” And watch the look of terror on their face.

i like you

I knew I wasn’t the only one 😁

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It’s strange. I felt less lonely when I didn’t know you.
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if we’re dating you can have your freedom, you’re not my prisoner. just stay loyal & be honest. that’s all i ask muhfucka.

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I’m an adult, but not like a real adult
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it scares me that you never know what someone is thinking or feeling towards you and everything that they say could be one massive lie

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